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Realize easier system operation with products for medical organizastions and IT related pproducts Supports with most updated IT technology


About K.K. Paradox

assists to solve customers' various problems concerning information systems, by its knowledge/experties gained since 1986.

Medical IT Services

Supports medical work place with stable system/technology mainly with tele radiology diagnosis services

IT Related Services

In close consultation with customers, proposes improvement of work, efficiency, cost reduction, etc.

Proposes most updated and high quality IT technology

Provides with most updated technology, always verifying the quality and effect of such technology for customers.

Tele Radiology Services

High quality services with accurate reports/stable response, supporting variety of radiological equipments

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Facility/Machine/Asset Management

Visualize such information by consolidating as reports/images/charts/photographs that are dispersed.

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Virtualization Solution

High speed access from various clients to virtual desk tops/virtual applications

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Software implemented with strong encryption/decryption engine based on Chaos Theory.

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Virtual Tape

Virtual tape appliance for mainframe, excellent in every aspect, such as scalabeility, price, etc.

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Report in PDF

Makes report data in PDF on host machine and deliver to terminals. Report data can be viewed and printed.

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Mainframe Infrastructure

Introduction/installastion/technical support of domestic/overseas software tools supporting various platforms

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